Complete Hormone Success System

This program is designed for those individuals who suffer from extreme stress, burnout and fatigue and who require intensive one-to-one consultations and personal interactions with Doctor Allie through their Hormone Success System and Health Discovery.

This 6-month program includes the Discovery Session and Planning foundation steps that are essential to a successful Hormone Success System, and also include regular interaction and personal attention from Doctor Allie.

The Complete Hormone Success System follows Doctor Allie’s 7-Step System and includes the following benefits:

Benefit Value
Access to Doctor Allie’s Personal Hormone Profile Builder £67.00
1 Hour Analysis of results in which Doctor Allie will personally evaluate the results from your intensive hormone profile builder session £250.00
1 Hour Discovery Session in which you will discuss the results of your personal hormone profile  £250.00
90 Minute Personal Planning Session with Doctor Allie  £375.00
90 Minute Personal Evaluation Session with Doctor Allie £375.00
Regular Evaluation Sessions With Doctor Allie which keep you focussed on your goals and help you to attain complete success. This includes 2 sessions per month with a total of:6 x 50 Minute Evaluation Sessions on Skype or in Person with Doctor Allie

6 x 25 Minute Telephone Evaluation Session with Doctor Allie

Hormone Success Starter Kit: EVERYTHING you need to get started, as well as a Hormone success system journal, additional information for learning, educational resources, facts, and more. £69.00
Private access to Doctor Allie’s hormone resources for further education throughout your hormone success system £195.00 +
Includes Doctor Allie’s Special Report on Hormone Success £97.00
Includes a BHRT Paper Prescription personalised to your hormone profile £35.00
FREE ticket to Doctor Allie’s Annual Retreat £997.00
Total Value £4,960.00

You are also entitled to:

  • Reduced rate for additional Evaluation Sessions if required


For a very limited time only, Doctor Allie is offering her Complete Hormone Success Packages at a reduced rate of £2997.00 (Value £4,960.00) as a promotional offer to launch her improved Hormone Success System. There is extremely limited availability of this reduced package, so be sure to book your space to avoid disappointment.

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