Are you getting all the nutrients you need?

What if you knew surefire techniques for improving your health and increasing your energy on a daily basis? You’d do them, right? In my last couple of posts, I’ve been addressing vital tips for boosting energy levels to show you how to plan your lifestyle to enhance your wellbeing.

If you’ve been following my advise, by now you should be experiencing increased vitality and feeling better than ever before. To keep you on the path of upward momentum, I’d like to offer one more vital tip for increasing your energy:

Take good quality nutritional supplements.

If you are anything like I was 3 years ago, you think that a good diet should contain all the nutrition that you need. I was taught at school that, “nutritional supplements just make expensive urine.” This can certainly be true – in fact for the commonly found, high street supplements, you will be lucky if it reaches the urine, as the tablets can legally contain as little as 20% of the stated nutrients in them, and are often not tested for absorption or bio-availability.

However, there are several reasons why I now feel that supplements are essential for optimal health, and are particularly important for diabetics.

Firstly – our need for supplements has increased. As our bodies are exposed to more toxins, radiation and stress, our cells have a greater need for good quality vitamins, which are part of the chemical pathways needed for energy production and the other functions of the cell.

Secondly – our supply of vitamins is reduced. Nowadays it is rare to find someone who shops daily for fresh fruit and vegetables, and even rarer for people to grow a full complement of vegetables themselves. Our vegetables are often picked unripe and travel for many miles to get to the store shelves, in many cases while being artificially ripened. Frequently, our foods are processed and bought pre-packaged. In many cases, food is grown in soil that is measurably poorer in the nutrients that we need our foodstuffs to provide for us. All of these aspects will reduce the vitamins and minerals in the food we eat by the time we eat them.

Thirdly – as we begin to understand the mechanism for diabetes more thoroughly at a cell level, we recognise that we need to support the insulin receptors on these cells more closely. These receptors have a particular need for chromium and vanadium among other minerals, and these are often deficient in a normal Western diet.

By taking good quality nutritional supplements, you can combat all three of these problems and take control of your health and wellbeing. Make sure that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels and you’re sure to see a drastic improvement in the way you feel from day to day!

Take care of your self and stay tuned for more great ways to manage your diabetes and take charge of your wellbeing.

Love and health,

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