Lower your cholesterol the natural way through diet.

BHRT and Cholesterol – Lower yours Naturally

Lower your cholesterol the natural way through diet.
Lower your cholesterol the natural way through diet and enjoy numerous benefits – including losing excess weight, or maintaining your ideal body weight. Stay healthy, stay happy.

Over the years there have been conflicting reports on how hormone replacement therapy affects women’s bodies. One of the topics of debate has been whether hormone replacement reduces or increases cholesterol levels. Those within the medical established who initially suggested HRT lowers cholesterol later admitted that lifestyle factors of women undergoing therapy have to be considered.

This raises an important point: If you need hormone therapy to regain a feeling of control of your body, you do not have to simply take hormones and hope for the best. Rather, you can counteract even rumoured unwanted health effects through smart lifestyle changes.

Lower your Cholesterol the Natural Way through Diet

Cardiovascular disease is one of the largest health risks for women around the average age of menopause onset (51). Yet there are numerous lifestyle changes you can adopt in addition to going on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

In addition to losing excess or maintaining ideal body weight, you can eat a diet rich in cholesterol-fighting foods. Keeping saturated fat intake to a minimum will lower your risk of heart disease, but there are also specific vegetables that help avoid cholesterol build-up.

Nutrients that help Lower your Cholesterol

Particular nutrients that benefit your body by reducing cholesterol and saturated fat in your arteries include lecithin, Vitamins C and E and niacin. These nutrients help to clean the arteries. Legumes are a particularly good source of lecithin, particularly soy beans. Fruits and vegetables that contain large amounts of vitamin C help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and this helps to maintain properly functioning arteries.

Seeing that diet can be effective in lowering high cholesterol, you can take bioidentical hormone replacement therapy without worrying about naysayers who claim negative effects on cholesterol. As with any treatment, supplementing with healthy lifestyle changes is the best way to maintain balance and good health.

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