Menopause Solutions – 3 Simple Tips For Reducing Your Headaches Through The Perimenopause – Tip 2 – Water

Could your headaches be related to your hormones?

Here is another tip that helps most headaches, whether hormone-related or not…

TIP 2. Drink enough clean water. Dehydration is a common cause of headaches, but this doesn’t mean tap water! Tap water is too full of chemicals and often xenoestrogens (artificial chemicals with oestrogen-like effects). Even bottled water may be contaminated, especially if they are sold in plastic bottles, so invest in the best water filtration system you can afford.

Dehydration, even if it is very mild, causes your stress hormones to increase because the body interprets dehydration as a life-threatening situation. When your stress hormones increase, it causes a cascade of changes to your thyroid and sex hormones, as well as your insulin. Try to drink 1.5 to 2.5L of water every day to maintain your hormone balance.

Action Point – keep a measure of all the fluids you drink over a 3-day period, quanittiy as well as quality. If you are drinking a lot of caffeinated drinks such as cola, tea and coffee, you may well be dehydrating yourself and adding to your woes. Likewise, juice is a surprisingly high sugar, high GI drink, so use it cautiously.

To your Health and Wellbing!


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  1. Alison,
    Your tips are excellent. I will be forwarding your information to women I know who are going through menopause on the job. I love your minimal intervention suggestions.

  2. I’ve been watching this show with my son #2 “I shouldn’t be Alive.” This show make you realize the importance of being hydrated and not to take water for granted. I have a habit of drinking water, so much so, I’ve been asked if I was diabetic. NO, I love drinking water and water loves me.

    1. Dr. Alison Grimston

      It is important not to drink too much water, I must admit. Often it is an idea to have something in the water – a slice of lemon, for example – although the food industry has done a too-good job of marketing their “flavoured water”. IN my incontinence clinic I have a mixture of patients some are drinking too little water, and the concentrated urine is irritating the bladder and causing urgency and incontinence; others are drinking too much, and putting too much strain on an already stressed bladder system. We recommend about 1.5 to 2l fluid in total per day for people with problems, most as water or herbal teas. I personally drink more than this – until I join the my clients with waterworks problems…

  3. I am an avid water drinker! And I carry my favorite water bottle around with me everywhere. I actually gave up sodas almost 15 years ago, for many of the reasons you cite here. It was one step I could take to reduce stress and sleepless nights.

    My husband works for the State Health Dept. here in Colorado, the source of clean water for many states, and you be amazed at what is in your water! Tap or well water. Even bottled water. Filtered water is the way to go, even if out of the bottle.

    1. Dr. Alison Grimston

      It is truly shocking what chemicals are added to our water supply. Some are intentional – like the fluoride, from misguided advice on teeth – and many chemical contaminants such as xenoestrogens, artificial chemicals in our water supply from the vast amount of plastics & other things in our lives now, that partially activate the oestrogen receptors and may be partially responsible for the problems women now experience in their 30s and 40s – irregular periods, mood swings, more marked premenstrual syndrome, poor sleep, muscle pains, joint pains, heartburn – the list goes on. John Lee MD coined the term “Premenopause syndrome” for this.

  4. Wow, really interesting Alison! I think I’m going to keep a bottle on my desk every day. I know when I do that, that I drink far more! I have a great filter system, and feel really good about that. The hazards of tap water and bottled water are horrifying especially when companies marketing it as good for us, when its more about sales than the truth. I could go on a diatribe about that! Thanks for sharing how this increases stress hormones. Amazing how something so simple can have a huge effect!

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