You do the (heart) math: Lowering your stress levels and boosting heart health

Many people lead high-pressure lives that cause debilitating stress. The workplace is one source of stress, as are seismic events in intimate relationships (such as divorce or death of a loved one). Unless you learn coping methods for easing stress and restoring balance, it is easy for it to overwhelm you.

Negative consequences of mismanaged stress may be more than psychological and may take a physical toll too. Luckily, HeartMath provides tools and training that empower you to lower your stress levels and revitalize your energy.

What is HeartMath?

HeartMath provides tools and training that empower you to lower your stress levels and revitalize your energy.

The HeartMath Institute was founded in 1991, with the core mission of helping people find wellbeing and balance through aligning physical, mental and emotional aspects of life with intuitive guidance from the heart. Through HeartMath, health professionals, guidance counsellors and others in caring or leadership positions are able to offer stressed individuals practical tools that help re-establish inner calm.

What makes HeartMath effective?

HeartMath was developed in tandem with scientific research into the nature of stress. Core to HeartMath principles is an understanding of how stress builds up and the types of thought patterns and activities that release it. By practicing the resulting techniques over time, you can shift your baseline response to stress. This will leave you more resilient to life’s knocks and better able to maintain a core of self-control and clarity even under pressure.

One of the benefits of HeartMath techniques is that they are easy to learn. Feedback technologies – devices that read physical changes linked to stress – are combined with a scientific understanding of stress response that is used to build up resilience.

How do you learn HeartMath techniques?

The HeartMath Institute has chapters around the world and trains instructors in stress management techniques. Doctor Allie uses heart math in her practice when working closely with patients who suffer from stress, thus if you are finding daily pressures overwhelming, speak to Doctor Allie about how you can bring HeartMath into your daily routine. With a little bit of practice, you can find a whole new way of managing and alleviating stress.

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